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The Project

A1.1. Selection of synthetic economic, environmental and social sustainability indicators that are in line with the CAP

  • N, P, K and C balance: This will make it possible to calculate the nutrient use efficiency (NUE), which is an important part of the efficient use of raw materials. Indeed, given the fact that the fertilisation DST is based on the crop nutrient balances, these are a good basis for the calculation of the indicators.
  • The use of OM in production (% in relation to mineral fertilisation): interest in the efficient use of resources at a European level, and the recovery of the nutrients in organic matter, such as manure, slurry, sludge from agri-food industries, etc. Possible interest in incorporating the organic fertilisation module in the fertilisation DST.
  • The use of plant protection products (kg active matter/ha used).
  • Carbon footprint, water footprint, energy footprint. These are synthetic indicators, requiring additional information to that generated by the DSTs in the CMUs.
  • Erosion. Maps are available for Spain 1:50,000, for the Basque Autonomous Community (CAPV) etc.
  • Production cost.
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