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The Project

C1. Indicators. Coordinator: NEIKER


  • To monitor the project effectiveness.
    • The use of fertilisers and biocides, measuring the content of P in the soil, NO3- in waters; that of individual pesticides and total pesticides.
    • Soil conditioning, through the SOM (Soil Organic Matter) which is related to the soil structure, water holding capacity, etc.
    • Soil salinization, the risk of salinization is determined by controlling the EC of the soil and waters.
    • Aquifer improvement and Sustainable Water Use, through a reduction in the use of water.
  • The premise is the fact that the quantification of the information through the CMU permits the transfer of the information to a farm level, within its corresponding agroclimatic zone, since the aim is to construct DSTs that incorporate solutions for variability, rather than DSTs that are solely for regional or local use.
  • Therefore, to facilitate compliance with the objectives, the socio-economic characteristics of the sector and of each of the regions involved in the project, need to be determined through the analysis of a number of data sources:
    • Demographic characteristics of the agricultural sector.
    • Farming structure: individual or in partnership
    • Existing information and advisory services
    • The extent of use of Information and Communication Tools (ICTs)
    • Access and use of INTERNET in the region and in the agricultural sector, etc.
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